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Barley Sprout Offers Delicious Pizzas In Gresham  Where can you find great pizza in Gresham? Where can you eat tasty, always fresh meals? With Barely Sprout, of course! Barley Sprout brings Gresham delicious farm-to-table meals that our customers are sure to love. Want to know what we offer? Just take a look at our menu and see for yourself!  Order Your Favorite Barley Spout […]

Barley Sprout It’s About Thyme Pizza VS Smith’s Favorite Pizza

Why Choose Slice For Barley Sprout Pizza Delivery 

What’s For Dinner Tonight?  Have you thought about your plans for dinner tonight? Do you want to enjoy something fresh and tasty without having to cook it yourself? Then dine in or order out from Barely Sprout! Our menu is full of options for fresh farm-to-table meals! Get a pizza for yourself or a few for you and the family. Make […]

Barley Sprout Barley Sprout Offers Fresh Pizza For All Dietary Restrictions

Get Fresh, Tasty Meals When You Dine With Barley Sprout 

Barley Sprout Brings Farm-To-Table Freshness To Gresham  What makes Barely Sprout stand out among other locals restaurants and pizza places? Gresham locals know and love us for our delicious and fresh farm-to-table meals! Everything we offer our Gresham customers is made from fresh ingredients that are grown here, locally in Gresham. Check out our menu to see what fresh, delicious meals are available at […]

To-Go Ordering Available At Barley Sprout

Order Barley Sprout On Slice! 

Make Room For Great Farm-To-Table Meals In Your Dining Plans  The Barely Sprout team values bringing the people of Gresham tasty, always fresh farm-to-table meals. We’re proud to be a part of the Gresham community. Let us take care of your dinner tonight! Barley Spout carries delicious pizzas and more. Check out our menu to see what we offer!  Order Barley Sprout Pizza On Slice!  Slice […]


Barley Sprout Delivers To Gresham Locals 

What Are Your Plans For Dinner Tonight?  If you’re still trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight, why not choose something from Barely Sprout? Dinner can only be made better by Barley Sprout’s delicious farm-to-table meals, all made from fresh, local ingredients. When you’ve got a craving for fresh meals and pizza, Barley Sprout is the best choice! Take a look at our menu to see what you […]

Barley Sprout PIzza

Barley Sprout Uses Quality Ingredients 

Try Farm-To-Table Dining With Barley Sprout  The people of Gresham simply love Barely Sprout! Why? Because at Barley Sprout you get delicious farm-to-table meals that are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. When you choose to dine with Barley Sprout, you choose to support local business and agriculture – all while getting a delicious meal! Visit our menu to see what delicious […]

Barley Sprout PIzza

Call Ahead For Indoor Seating At Barley Sprout 

Get Always Fresh Farm-To-Table Meals At Barley Sprout  If you love delicious pizza and the freshness of farm-to-table meals, then you’ll love Barely Sprout in Gresham! Barley Sprout is proud to provide our Gresham customers with fresh meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Just check out our menu to see the tasty options that are waiting for your at Barley Sprout!  Come Dine In With Us! […]

Barley Sprout_Tasty To-Go Deals With Barley Sprout

What’s Your Barley Sprout Favorite? 

Barley Sprout Is Gresham’s Go-To Farm-To-Table Restaurant  When you’re looking for delicious farm-to-table meals in Gresham, you know where to go. Go to Barely Sprout! Gresham locals love Barley Sprout’s farm-to-table pizzas and other meals. Haven’t been to Barley Sprout yet? Just take a look at our menu and see for yourself the delicious options that await you!  What’s Your Barley Sprout […]

Barley Sprout How Our Gresham Pizzeria Fits into the Farm-To-Table-History

Enjoy Indoor Dining At Barley Sprout 

Barley Sprout Provides Delicious Farm-To-Table Meals In Gresham  Do you love fresh farm-to-table meals made with locally sourced ingredients? Do you love having options that work for your dietary restrictions? Then visit Barely Sprout! Our menu is full of delicious farm-to-table pizzas and more. Come see what fresh tastes like at Barley Sprout!  Limited Indoor Dining Open At Barley Sprout  The Barley Sprout team […]

Barley Sprout How Barley Sprout Offers Amazing Farm-To-Table Pizzas

Barley Sprout Is Vegetarian Friendly 

Never Settle For Less Than The Best Farm-To-Table Pizzas And More  At Barely Sprout, we value bringing our Gresham customers meals that are always fresh and made with care. We want to provide something delicious and satisfying every time our Gresham customers order with us. If you’re new to the Gresham area, we encourage you to check out […]



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