Barley Sprout How Our Gresham Pizzeria Fits into the Farm-To-Table-History

Enjoy Indoor Dining At Barley Sprout 

Barley Sprout Provides Delicious Farm-To-Table Meals In Gresham  Do you love fresh farm-to-table meals made with locally sourced ingredients? Do you love having options that work for your dietary restrictions? Then visit Barely Sprout! Our menu is full of delicious farm-to-table pizzas and more. Come see what fresh tastes like at Barley Sprout!  Limited Indoor Dining Open At Barley Sprout  The Barley Sprout team […]

Barley Sprout Full Bar Now Available At Barley Sprout_02

Tasty Drink Options At Barley Sprout 

Barley Sprout Brings Gresham The Best In Farm-To-Table Pizzas And More  If you want your dinner made fresh from delicious locally-sourced ingredients but don’t feel like whipping up something yourself, visit Barely Sprout! Take the night off and let us do the work. We’ll make you delicious farm-to-table meals that will satisfy your craving! Check out our menu to see what we […]

Barley Sprout Barley Sprout Offers Fresh Pizza For All Dietary Restrictions

Why Do Pizza And Beer Go So Well Together? 

Get Fresh And Delicious Pizza In Downtown Gresham At Barley Sprout  When you’re in the downtown Gresham area and you’re craving good pizza, your choice should be obvious. Choose Barely Sprout for great, fresh pizza in downtown Gresham. Gresham locals know Barley Sprout for providing great pizza and other fresh farm-to-table meals. We’re eager to provide our Gresham customers with delicious meals. Take a […]


Please Remember To Practice Social Distancing At Barley Sprout 

Get Fresh, Delicious Pizza In Downtown Gresham At Barley Sprout  Many Gresham locals already know that the place to go for fresh farm-to-table dining is Barely Sprout. If you haven’t visited us yet, don’t wait! Our delicious farm-to-table meals are waiting for you at Barley Sprout in downtown Gresham. We use locally-sourced ingredients to make fresh meals every day. We […]


Dining In At Barley Sprout? Please Wear Your Mask

Fresh Farm-To-Table Foods  Are you trying to decide where to get lunch or dinner? Do you crave fresh, farm-to-table meals? Are you interested in supporting local Gresham business and agriculture? Then dine with Barely Sprout! We are perhaps best known for our farm-to-table pizzas, but we offer so much more. View our menu to get an idea of the […]

Barley Sprout Now Open Tuesdays

Barley Sprout Now Open Tuesdays!

The Best Place For Fresh Pizza Is Barley Sprout Are you a fan of pizza? Do you live near the downtown Gresham area? Then you absolutely must try Barley Sprout’s pizza! Barley Sprout is a pizza restaurant in downtown Gresham like no other. Our pizzas are always fresh, made in house from locally-sourced ingredients. If […]

Barley Sprout Meet Up For Happy Hour At Barley Sprout

Meet Up For Happy Hour At Barley Sprout

Barley Sprout Brings Farm-To-Table Dining To Downtown Gresham Are you searching for a restaurant that offers farm-to-table dining near me in Gresham? Gresham locals looking for a delicious farm-to-table dining experience should come on into Barley Sprout. Try one of our farm-to-table fresh pizzas, made with organic flour, salt, water, and starter and our famous […]

Barley Sprout Full Bar Now Available At Barley Sprout_02

Full Bar Now Available At Barley Sprout

Barley Sprout Is Your Dining Spot For Farm-To-Table Pizza And More! Gresham locals looking for healthy dining and a delicious menu will find that and more at Barley Sprout pizza restaurant in downtown Gresham. Barley Sprout has opened its doors to an amazing farm-to-table dining experience in Gresham, and we’re eager to welcome Gresham locals […]



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